Cherry Mechanical Keyboard

Hey everyone....I am a huge fan of mechanical keyboards and my current favourite keyboard is the Cherry MX Board 1.0. It has a wonderful clicky feel and the keys are illuminated by white LEDs from below. The only criticism that I have for this keyboard is that it does not have a number pad and if you do a lot of numerical entry, you are forced to use the numbers above the top row of letter. However, it really is a great little keyboard and it takes a lot of punishment from me. My all time favourite mechanical keyboard is the IBM POS keyboard made by Maxi Switch. This keyboard is used with all IBM point of sale systems and it usually includes a trackpad similar to what most laptops have. The keyboards have a really satisfying sound and feel. Going back to the Cherry keyboard for a only wish is that there was a way that I could use it with my iPad , since my iPad has largely replaced my laptop for most activities. Does anyone know if there is a device out there that can turn a standard USB keyboard into a Bluetooth compatible device? Thanks, Peter

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