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Product Report: CTM Wireless Cable w/Mic

I recently purchased a Clear Tune Monitors (CTM) Wireless Cable w/Mic to use with my VS-3 IEM's & wanted to give a quick report to the community. First, CTM is currently offering them @ 50% off the usual $100 price. They operate on Bluetooth V5.0. Build quality is good. The cable itself is light & covered in a braided nylon fabric. The control pod is of sufficient size & control spacing that operating it is comfortable. Sonically, the cable is very, very good! The only negatives are with some of the ergonomics: 1) The cable is a little short. It could be about 6" longer. 2) The audio prompts (both beeps & voice) are too loud. 3) The push of the button to turn the unit off & on is too long. 4) A cover for the usb port would be preferable to leaving it exposed to moisture & sweat. Still, all-in-all, it's a product I highly recommend at its current price for anyone looking to add wireless to their 78mm 2-pin IEM's.

I have purchased the CTM wireless cable, but cannot find the device from my phone. May I know the default name of device that would show on your phone? Thanks.
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Oh thanks for your suggestion!! I just hold it for about 5 secs and the device is turned on but not in pairing mode lol
Trust me when I say that I made the exact same mistake when I first got the device! No other Bluetooth device that I have requires me to hold the button so long to turn on/off or to get into pairing mode.
Do you know if it uses any protocols like aptx or AAC?
It uses AptX