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PC Pricing

I'm trying to build a new PC, (I'm swapping over from Xbox) and was wondering how much is the average price for a 3-5 year lasting PC. (I want to know wether or not I'm getting a good price

Thanks for the help everyone just got my new computer yesterday and it's awesome! I bought an Omen for $1000. An Asus VG248 monitor and new Logitech G935 wireless headphones for a total of about $1500! Im super excited to use as soon as I get home! Anyways I hope you have a great day!
What components are in your new computer?
Hey everyone thanks for the advice! Next week I'm going with my cousin (who's an IT guy) to purchase a laptop (for gaming and college) I'm going to spend at max $1500 any suggestions?? The games I'm going to be playing are overwatch, Apex Legends, etc. (If that helps any)
Word is that the new Dell G7 is really nice and in your price range as well. It all depends on what kind of graphics card you want. But a rtx 2060 should sustain you for a while.
Things, IMO, to look for are SSD, easily replaceable laptop battery, and a solid cooling system. If this is used for everyday and gaming it can burn out quick. I also might recommend getting a nice wireless gaming mouse since your set up won't necessarily be stationary. I haven't had a gaming laptop in over 5 years probably so things may be different, but those above check list items were what ended up causing me to build my own.
I'm late to the party, but I'm going to say that it's probably better to think of it in a different light. Instead of "what's a good price for a 3-5 yr lasting PC", I think it would be better to go with "what can I get for X dollars." In this way, rather than something that is completely subjective and dependent on the games you play, it is more of getting the best PC you can get for how much you want to spend.
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That's probably true, but it will also depend on where someone is located. I added tax so best case scenario there's extra dollars left over and the worst case scenario of tax being applied is mostly covered. As for the SSD, that's true as well. I intended the M.2 to be the OS drive plus one or two main games with the rest on the spinny drive. A SATA 2.5" SSD would work as well. @OhWutDaHec Keep us updated on how it goes!
Sounds good my man I just got my Blue Yeti in today I'm about to try it out!
Also there is stuff you can always skim on stuff thats easily upgradable like 8gigs of ram just add a stick to get sixteen or get an ssd and rhen add a hard drive when you need more space stuff like that. If you think ahead and put the money on parts that are harder to swap out or make you lose your investment when you change you can build a pc for fairly cheap and keep it running for a while
If you are just worried about making sure the price is fair, I would recommend building a pc with the same specifications on pcpartpicker.com and then comparing that price with the price of the computer you are looking at. If you are just planning to build your own from scratch, you can build something that will still be fast in 4 years for ~1400. Maybe closer to 1200 depending on your priorities. Much under that and you have to start making real compromises.
If you use r/hardwareswap you could be a really good system for $500-550. Im seeing gtx 1070s for 220-250. And all sorts of good deals on ram and CPUs