Feb 7, 2019

Unwashable Ink?

I always use a Uniball 207 in case I fill out a check, are there similar inks for fountain pens that can't just be rinsed off with nail polish remover? Preferably in cartridges and blue. Is there a good source for cartridges? I value the ease of use for now, not ready to get into bottle filling quite yet.

Sailor makes good permanent pigment-based inks. (Kiwa-Guro is black; Sei-Boku and Sou-Boku are blue or blue-black.) They are available in cartridges but Sailor uses its own size so they will likely only work in a Sailor pen. I’ve had Kiwa-Guro sitting in a pen for months and haven’t had any problems with it.
Trust me on this. The Noodlers bulletproof inks are truly permanent on any material that has a cotton or wood fiber base. This includes acetates and Rayon. I accidentally left a kaweco sport in a pocket with Bay State blue in it, and ruined about three articles of cotton and Rayon based shirts. The stains would not bleach out at all...
Baystate Blue by Noodlers is a "bulletproof" ink that is permanent and resits just about all ways to remove it. Available in bottles only, but why not refill a used cartridge with a syringe? You can get a 2ml sample from most retailers such as Goulet Pens, Anderson Pens, etc.
You do not have to use iron gall. Noodler's has the Warden's series and some other unwashable inkd, Platinum and Diamine have document inks as well.
There are numerous reviews and comparisons of the water resistance / permanence of different brands and colors of inks. Goulet Pens, Jet Pens and lot of others discuss the topic. Noodlers has a number of pretty resistant inks.
You will likely want to look at pigment or iron gall inks. Both are supposed to be permanent, and in the case of iron gall it actually causes a chemical reaction in the paper (as well as darkens over time due to the iron oxidizing). I am not sure if they come in cartridges, but I know you can get them in bottles and can put them in a cartridge by way of a small syringe. In my experience, iron gall inks also require more maintenance as they can gum up in as little as a week without use.