Frontlit PBT Keycaps... Never Happening?
I've been on a search for Doubleshot Frontlit (Ninja-Style) PBT Keycaps for my Varmilo VB87M Bluetooth Keyboard... I know this is a very niche thing to want and I doubt that there are many keyboard manufactures out there building their keyboards with front-facing LED switches. I've also scoured the internet for forums and pages that have talked about this topic, usually leading to the point that these keycaps would cost a lot to manufacture since there are no machines built for this style... or that they don't exist.
So really I'm posting this to get this conversation started on Massdrop. Maybe these exist somewhere in the world or you know a guy that knows a guy that could make these happen, let me know in the comments. It would even be awesome to see these as a collaboration with Massdrop and Varmilo, since this site has helped Varmilo gain recognition in the West... I don't know I'm just spit-balling all of this. When it really gets down to it, I just love the feeling of the PBT keycaps but want to take advantage of the front-LED's on this keyboard.

Currently I have black ABS front-lit (Ninja-Style) keycaps for my alphabet/number, arrows, and Windows keys, and then the gray front-printed PBT keycaps (that come with the Varmilo) as my function/action keys.

Summary... I know that the market for this isn't really there and it may be expensive to produce, but I think it's an eye-catching style that will gain popularity as time goes on. Even though there may not be many manufactures building their keyboards for this, I don't think that would stop enthusiasts building custom keyboards around this style.

TL;DR Some random pleb bought a mech. keyboard and wants specialty front-lit doubleshot PBT keycaps because Varmilo decided to put the LED's on the front of their switches rather than the back.
thumb_upSeaman, gak1234, and 3 others

Mar 3, 2018
It would be really nice, but I don't think (with my limited knowledge of keycap manufacturing) that PBT double shot is possible to do with side-printing, especially not with backlighting. It's hard enough to get backlit-compatible "seamless" fonts to come out looking good, which is why you alamost always see Stencil or Papyrus fonts on PBT backlit caps.
Mar 3, 2018