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Best pens for sketching?

I'm a designer and illustrator and I love to sketch out my ideas using a pen in my sketchbook. In the past my go to pen was the Pentel Superb BKN77- Fine Tech Needle Point Ballpoint Pen - 0.7mm - Black. I like this pen a lot but because it gives me a variety of line qualities based off of my hand pressure and the ink flows well.
I always wanted to try the SKB SB-1000 0.5mm ballpoint pen but I could never seem to find them in my local stationary stores.
I'm reaching out to the Massdrop Writing community for a good reliable ball point pen. What's your favorite pen and why?
Thank you in advance!
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Have you tried the OHTO Graphic Liners? I bet you'd find a bunch of them in Massdrop's offices :D
"Ballpoint" you ask? What you ask makes most internet pen people (especially FPN peeps) roll that side eye. I love the ballpoint, grew up on it, not the fountain pen, and not the gel pen. Ballpoint is "oil" ink, Fountain pen (and rollerball) is "water" ink, and Gel pen is "gel" ink. If you already knew this, sorry you can disregard everything I just wrote. (tho it's interesting to note that many people of FPN have no clue what the differences are, and totally dismiss anything that isn't Fountain.) But hey, I do love my Vanishing Point and my titanium Bock nibs.
I'm going to assume you are asking specifically for "ballpoints". Ballpoints have gone thru changes in the last decade. They come in hybrid form where the oil is mixed with another ink, to create a richer writing ballpoint. Your pen, the PENTEL SUPERB BKN77, I believe is the older ballpoint ink.
I am a designer myself, tho I don't have a preference for sketching, most of my design is digital. But I do have a fascination with pens for handwriting and lettering specifically brush/fude pens.
It might be worth noting to you that PENTEL makes a pen that uses the same Body as the SUPERB and they call it HYBRID:

I love the SKB-1000. I only have the new ones, not the originals. They are definitely "hybrid" ballpoints you can find these easily on ebay. But I don't find them as high quality writers:
If your still looking for "ballpoints" I would suggest the "hybrid" ballpoints from the 4 major brands: UNI: Jetstream, PENTEL: Vicuna, PILOT: Acroball, ZEBRA: Surari. My favorite is the Zebra Surari, but most people on the internet have a "thing" for the Jetstream. I think each has its strong points depending on point-size. I recently favor larger point sizes then tiny scratchy point sizes:

If your not asking specifically for a "ballpoint", I would try a Pilot HI-TEC. It is a gel pen with a needle point:

It really depends what you are sketching/drawing/writing, as I could go from a Pilot HI-TEC to a Fountain to a Kuretake Cocoiro, to a Tombow Fude depending on the mood.
Thanks for the insight DropCaps.