PSA - Philips SHP-9500 back in stock

The Philips SHP-9500 was a go-to recommendation for best open back headphones under $100 for a long time. I (and many others here) have recommended them frequently on MD. They appeared to be discontinued, with prices shooting up on eBay, but I just noticed that they are available from Newegg again. I don't know if they are being made again, or if they just found a carton in the warehouse, or whatever, but thought others might be interested. I half expected they would resurface as a MD collaboration, but having the original at a decent price is not a bad thing. They're selling for $80, not a best ever price at all, but they're worth every bit of twice that price. Oh, and I guess I should say that I have no affiliation, just sharing for those who had missed them before.

thumb_uperickong, ELJEFEREVIEWS, and 1 other

Thanks for the heads up