Aug 3, 2017

Good sturdy earphones with a balanced sound?

I dont have a preference to a specific brand. But Im in need of a bit of a sturdier build. I dont run over them with my chair or anything, just been using them to workout. Sometimes my phone falls out of my pocket..gets caught on a weight and pulled out harshly, etc.
Budget is $50. Willing to go to around $70 or so if a pair really shines.

Yoga CD-880 is the most neutral headphone in that price range, in fact it's probably the most neutral double that price. This is the OEM headphone for Fostex FA-003, Brainwavz HM5, Digitech Pro Monitor. The OEM headphone you'll probably need to purchase from overseas and get it sent here. The re-branded ones you can get locally but would have a hefty markup on them.