Feb 11, 2019497 views

Shipping to the Philippines?

I'm planning to buy the K7XX and shipping it to my home address directly. are there any "complications" that I should be aware of? (local post office, customs, extra fees, etc) Thanks!

If the package that'll arrive in the PH is worth $150 (or more - inclusive of the shipping fee), expect to pay a large sum for the customs fee). If it's less, you'll just pay for the postage/storage fee. Also, packages going to the PH from Massdrop do not use a door-to-door logistics provider. You'll be sent a customs/post office package notice for you to claim the package either from the EMS office in Pasay or the nearest main Post Office branch in your city. If you're in a provincial area, there are times when the package gets delivered to the package owner's doorstep. Another thing, expect a long wait prior to your package's arrival. Massdrop uses DHL ecommerce logistics because they pass the package to the local Post Office/Customs office for handling. If you want to avoid this, there are online options like shippingcart.com where you can have the package shipped to their states-side address and have it shipped to your doorstep. You can Google for more details or other options.
Whatever it is you're afraid might happen, will happen at some point when it comes to customs. Just the odd PH Customs "lottery". You automatically win if your package is large and expensive-looking. Your prize is that you get to pay a higher fee, hehe. Somewhere around a 2k php fee; prepare 3k just in case...