Ultralight wader options?
I'm a fly fishing backpacker and interested in what you use as ultralight waders and wading footwear both for wade fishing and stream crossings? It seems commercial ultralight wading gear is lacking but I'd like to hear DIY options. I've used kitchen garbage bags and crocs and also waded wet with water shoes but want something more durable and for waist deep wading while keeping dry. Red Ball Flyweight waders and Simms ultralight waders (I've owned both) used to be an option but have not been made in many years. Both DIY and commercial products are of interest.
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Jul 30, 2019
The smaller models of korkers boots stay light and shed water well before repacking. My orvis guide waders are certainly not ultralight but extremely durable. Friends of mine go with patagonia rio gallegos or orvis ultralights to avoid the added weight.
Jul 30, 2019
I'm also curious to see if any good ideas pop up in response to your question. Given the space and weight penalty, I've pretty much given up lugging waders along for serious backpacking trips. I wet wade, and it's generally ok until I get over mid-thigh! To be honest, I usually leave the traditional rod & reel at home too (in favor of a tenkara set up) if I'm logging a lot of miles and vertical. Have you looked at Chota Hippies - a little more packable than most options, but you still can't go waist deep.
Feb 14, 2019