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Would a dac/amp be good to get with the PC37X

I just got the pc37x from massdrop and was wondering if would be worth getting a dac and amp with it, and if so, what would yall recomend. I was looking at the FiiO E10K but willing to spend about 200 if the headphones can use it.
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Jun 8, 2020
Im thinking the same like him the PC37X is perfect in every sound aspect except for bass which is somewhat a little bit trash, the other sounds like the perfect mid treble and peaks/mids and the glorious mic are all good only downside is the bass thinking about getting schiit hel or fulla or any small dac/amp to fix that problem, have any suggestions for one? please tell me about it if so
Feb 13, 2019
You absolutely don't need a DAC/Amp combo for those to sound good. Can you dump loads of money and hear an improvement? Sure, should you? Only if you plan on moving to harder to drive, or more resolving headphones that are amp dependent. If your primary use is for gaming, save your money. If you plan to do analytical listening then consider an amplifier, but you most likely don't need a DAC right away, unless you're playing on a very old PC. If you do get an amp, avoid the E10k and go for something like a Liquid Spark or JDS Atom for $100, and then add a DAC later if you need one. Don't fall into the tube hole until you've had a chance to audition one, and especially not for gaming where you want transparency.
Feb 13, 2019
As you can infer from Evshrug's post, the PC37X is worth driving with a quality rig; they put an audiophile transducer in a game set w/mic: For $200 you can get some decent Schiity stuff, don't own nor ever heard Schiit, I took advice from here and moved up a shelf, no regrets. I have paired the Aune T1 with HD598, HD580 & HD600 nicely. The new MK3 besides the DAC, seems to also have other upgrades, to where with a only a nice nos tube, it is on par with T1's that I have upgraded caps in. A reference link with tube notes: The T1 will likely drop again here, but in a hurry, there is the bay: Tube suggestion:

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