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Hasselblad X1D: Hands-On

I had the special opportunity to tag along as a +1 to our local camera store (Sammy's), where they were showing off the new Hasselblad X1D! (Thanks Nelson!) I have to say I was equally impressed and disappointed. Overall handling, weight, and design were on point. BUT these were still demo units, so a few features weren't available and the cameras didn't have heat management systems so they were prone to getting rather warm. I also can't really comment on picture quality because we couldn't use our own memory cards and their image processing algorithms weren't complete yet. So while it was fun to spend a little hands-on time with the new Hasselblad, it's a little concerning how "unfinished" these cameras are with only weeks left until they ship to consumers....(I'm keeping my fingers crossed)
That sensor though:
Full body shot:
Have any of you had hands-on experience with gear before it was ready!
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Rest assured that they wouldn't be finished even when they ship. That's what firmware updates are for. The only concern is if the hardware is ready.
I prefer my Hasselblads full-bodied and going both ways: film and digital!
I messed around with a few prototype Red cameras "back in the day" and the early black magic cameras too.