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I want a SCHIIT JOTUNHEIM + DAC on massdrop.

What about you?

HarrisonR, amdillow, and 39 others

Not happening, Schiit doesn't do discounts
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Yea everybody keeping up with Schiit's blog in headfi should know about it.
I was on the waitlist for backordered Jotunheim's and received an email Monday asking if I wanted to upgrade my normal DAC upgrade to the multibit, I said yes. Its in my possession HOWEVER they do not supply a USB type B cable with it in the box (Which is asinine for a $600 product.) So I am waiting on that to test the quality of the DAC.
So far it sounds great with my turntable through the Schiit Mani, and my PS4 audio through a standard Insignia toslink to RCA DAC.