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WOW. FreeSync monitors work with NVidia cards.

For any one who has not heard the news: NVidia announced that it will support FreeSync moitors but it will be limited to 10 and 20 series cards. So any GTX 10xx and RTX 20xx versions of the new cards on the market. I don’t know why NVidia decided to do this but I can’t be happier for the all the gamers out there who have been dreading spending hundreds more for G-Sync monitors. And now their prayers have been answered as all most any monitor that has AMDs FreeSync will work with NVidia cards. Couple of points to keep in mind not all monitors are created equal. And in order to see it work the monitor has to be connected via DisplayPort. The FreeSync over HDMI will NOT work with “green” cards. And check the range of FreeSync, some monitors have ranges from 45Hz to 60Hz others from 30Hz to 144Hz. So do your research and get all the details just because it say FreeSync doesn’t mean it’s good or that it will work because it only has HDMI inputs. While NVidia saying that there are certified G-Sync comparable monitors, they absolutely dont have to be. NVidia have certified 12 FreeSync monitors as “G-Sync Compatible” and they will work right out of the box while other will have to be enabled in Nvidia setting. From all the testing I have seen all the monitors work like magic as long as couple of rules mentioned earlier are fallowed. While FreeSync 2 is still under questions or it’s HDR part to be clear, I have a feeling that it will work sooner or later with later updates and versions. Gamers Rejoice. It is now very easy to find a 320-350 sale for a 27-32 inch 1440p 144Hz VA panel with FreeSync and use it with Nvidia card! Thank You NVidia I didn’t see that coming!

Feb 13, 2019
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