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Pliers Discussion

Specifically, tongue-and-groove, channellocks, water pump pliers. I started working in the trades and have come to the realization that channellock pliers are the most used tool for electricians, plumbers, and HVAC. I don't know how they'll work in the home environment, but when gripping pipe, turning a nut, these pliers have basically replaced the adjustable wrench in most environments. Channellocks makes the original. Knipex makes their cobra version, which allows bettergrip. I have a smaller Klein I bought in a set (which has its limitations). Milwaukee has their version. And so on. I'm just starting out, so I've got more to learn. But from my knowledge, no other tool is more often used.
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I believe Milwaukee has a little metal "clip" that prevents it from slipping when you dont want it to, i actually use one of klein's models at work (cant remember which one) that have been fine as well. the ones i have actually have a groove designed for hex heads as well to prevent slipping and they work really well
But jaws on the Milwaukee will still pivot, so I’d pick the sliding parallel jaw design of the Knipe for flat pliers, and the serrated “cobra” pump plier jaws are wonderful. Unfortunately very pricy kit.

I personally prefer Knipex jaws, flat or serrated, and the fixed adjustment... channelock is annoying if (when) it slips sizes.