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Any one have suggestions for rechargeable (USB) headlamps?

I am looking for a rechargeable head lamp to use in my off-grid home and light weight travel in foreign countries.

How about the Nitexore NU20?
The best one I've found is the Foxelli MX500. At 2 to 280 lumens, and 4.4 oz it rocks with 5 light settings, a 2 hr usb charge and 100 hrs of use at lowest setting ($60.00 you can find it on sale usually about $30.00). The closest Petzl in performance is the REACTIK +, at 4.2 oz, at 2 to 300 lumens, 4 light settings plus red , 6 hour usb charge and 60 hrs of use at lowest setting ($120.00 but can usually find on sale for $99.00). Hope this helps.
Black Diamond is the dominant option in the backcountry hunting community, and the Black Diamond Revolt is rechargeable.
check out the Nitecore Nu25. It's a great light!
Highly recommend the Nitecore NU25. The Ultralight version from Litesmith comes in at 1.17oz, way out lasts the UCO air charge-wise, and has many different light settings, including a red light. https://www.litesmith.com/nitecore-nu25-triple-output-usb-rechargeable-headlamp/
UCO air seems to be the lightest, still quite bright and rechargeable with a mini-USB.