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I love songs featuring two guitars playing each in separate stereo channel. What is much harder to find, is an arrangement with three guitars (not counting the bass one).  Two guitars playing separately to each stereo channel and one "central" playing "over the top". I feel like the next few examples count for such tracks. Although the live one is not so "separated", you get some visual help with focusing on each guitar :) Can you suggest some more interesting tracks in this manner? Thank you all for relevant tips :) PS: image is only illustrative ;)  Noir Désir - Le Vent Nous Portera https://youtu.be/NrgcRvBJYBE Wishbone Ash - Leaf and Stream https://youtu.be/ZB6fCuxGvAw Arthur Lee and Love - Ninety miles away https://youtu.be/ZCmepsVyyDU Crosby Stills Nash Young (CSNY) - Almost cut my hair (1974 live version) https://youtu.be/AVsbqVJLFow

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