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Yeah, sorry... re: Fanmusic C6 Cables for HD 58X & HD 6XX

Yeah, sorry... but I'm getting burnt out on the whole "cable" thing. I bought the 58x a while back and it's a great pair of headphones (not my premium set, but still pretty good). These cables cost more than 50% the price I paid for the headphones. In all honesty, if you're selling headphones for ~$100 - $150 and a cable for this price, there's something wrong... I'm not sold. I'm done, I think. My end-game headphones are the Elear with some cable I bought off Amazon / Hiby R6. Thoughts?

Lets just say Saint Patrick ain't the patron saint of after-market cable makers...

Keep in mind that that cable also fits the 660S that sells for over $400. Honestly though, unless you're buying balanced or a cable specifically for mobile use the only reason you're buying it is looks. That being said the $50 Meze balanced cable will work with any dual 2.5mm headphones (a lot of HiFiman, Audio Quest, others), and you can get a cheap 2.5mm trrs to 4-pin XLR adapter.
I bought cables for looks and not sound quality. I purchased Periapt, and Ursine. Then it bit me and I purchased Silver dragons and Black Dragons. Periapt and Ursine were for looks and xlr. Cost was 25% to 50% of the headphones. The Periapt, Ursine and Black Dragon will fit 3 of my head phones and Silver Dragons fit 2 of my head phones. So I have bling for my head phones..