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MMCX Cable with Good Mic?

Anyone know where i can get a MMCX cable that has a goodish microphone with it? I was going to try to use it on tin audio's T3 if that helps. My budget is around <70. But if i really have to, like there is no other way, 150 and down. Durability would be a good thing as well
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I just bought these - https://www.amazon.com/MEE-audio-Replacement-Headset-Pinnacle/dp/B07JMZSG2W Seems to be pretty good. Haven't put the mic through its paces yet but some quick voice recordings have been fine.
I have scoured the internet for these. Only replacements I have been able to find are Ultimate Ears ($40 but bizarrely shipping is $35, meaning $75-80 total after tax) and MEE Audio ($30 free shipping to US), both directly from the companies. I find the fidelity with the Ultimate Ears to be good but the durability isn't great; they wear out after a year. I haven't tried the MEE but probably will do given the crazy price disparity.
i have the same question, did you ever figure this out?