Feb 18, 2019

ATOM 2 : Revolutionary Smart Security Robot by Amaryllo

Ranked as the no.1 camera robot company worldwide, ATOM 2 is the first security robot that can detect human faces, talk to people, and auto-track intruders from 360 degrees, even in complete darkness. When intruders are detected at night, the front facing LEDs will trigger to warn them off. ATOM 2 also features facial recognition, human-voice event greetings, instant 10-second video alert (available with affordable subscription plans), timeline access, activity zones/blockout zones, hourly time announcements, and 256-bit data encryption and so on.
It's powered by high-speed, multi-core CPUs, with an intelligent auto tracking system and smart sensor network. ATOM 2 has 3 built-in PIR motion sensors strategically positioned, so that if any one of these sensors is triggered, the camera will automatically rotate to face the object, lock in, and begin to track it from any angle for over 40 feet, thanks to the 2 Megapixel 1920 x 1080p image sensor that is able to deliver Full HD resolution image, and the 8 infrared LEDs to offer ultra clear image even in total darkness. Fully accessible and manageable from your smartphone, ATOM 2 lets you watch recorded images and video, remotely reposition the camera, and send you alerts based on system activity. It even features real-time two-way communication, so you can speak to or listen to those within range of the ATOM 2 device right from your phone. For more information please visit www.amaryllo.eu



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