Looking for DAC/AMP for home and car use

New to this world and just bought a pair of HD58X's. Main use will be at home hooked up to my PC however, if I could find something for weekend use in the car that would be ideal. I have a aux port and usb port in the arm rest. I can play audio files off of thumb drive so I'm guessing it is possible to plug the DAC/AMP in there. Or run RCA to AUX cord perhaps? So far I've looked at the FiiO E10 and the massdrop 02 combo. Any suggestions are welcome!

Feb 21, 2019
Get a DAP for starters. The current crop of DAP's are getting to be quite reasonable in price, and the versatility cannot be beat. You can use them in the car as well as hook them up wired or wireless to your home sound system. If you move on from a DAP, you can always use it to enhance the sound of a laptop or desktop PC/MAC. I'm using the first one I bought as a dedicated DAC for my home PC. What I don't understand is how many of these devices on Massdrop are using old DAC chips in them. I just looked up a current Massdrop offering that has a DAC chip set from 2010. I would look for single or dual ESS Sabre DAC's in the 9028 0r 9038 class for the latest technology and current DAC's.
You would need to use the Aux input, a DAC won't do you any good with a car's USB. Neither of those DAC's have batteries included (and the E10k doesn't support an internal battery). Both would be just fine for desktop use but negligible benefit in the car. I agree with the other posters, unless you've sunk serious money into your car's audio system (including noise dampening) the benefit is minimal. Also if you've already sunk serious money then you probably already have a DSP/Control module or head unit with a halfway decent DAC. Car audio isn't worth the hassle for me any more, I just use Android auto physical connection with Tidal/Spotify/local files from my V20.
Feb 20, 2019
Way too much road noise (even in the quietest of cars) to appreciate an external DAC, I would think!?
Feb 20, 2019
Unless you've dropped some money on new speakers in your car, it's doubtful you'd hear any difference between a stand alone DAC and the one in your phone...even then a lot of phones have perfectly capable DAC's built in.
Feb 21, 2019
I can tell between my DAP and my phone. A newer DAP with a current DAC chipset is the way to go. The fault of the LG V30 is the high price. It can double as a competent DAC, but why sacrifice your phone to dedicated DAC duty when you can get a low cost phone and a standalone DAP for about the same price of the LG V30 alone. A current DAP (Digital Audio Player) is the way to go, to be sure. The people who are claiming that there is nothing to be gained from a dedicated, current component containing a high quality DAP/DAC either cannot hear from being old or their hearing is compromised. The separation and fidelity of a dedicated DAC unit can be heard loud and clear. There is no substitute for a current, dedicated DAC unit.