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A novelty on the market for tactical pens 2019.

"Mo-Tactic" Pen is an Item that is not prohibited to be worn and used, since it is inherently a Regular Pen. And if the Knife can cause fear and Wariness among the People around You, then this Battle Pen is not at All a “Combat” Weapon.

Author wanted to create this for a long time. Absolutely military and at the same time futuristic style of the most wearable item after the smartphone. Even the knife lags behind in this race of use every day.
But it said that I was a paramedic and the evolution went further, pay attention to the metal medical steel and to project’s second stretch goal - I am going to provide this pen with a scalpel, as well as a flashlight in the form of a replaceable module. I will make prototypes directly during live inclusions, if the product becomes popular.
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Learn more ...http://kck.st/2XcKRhN

ThomasAasen and Stephen Bush

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