Feb 20, 2019

Travel vest with hidden pockets, women

Any one to recommend, any one interested to see them here? Usually I find them extraordinarily expensive.

I've got the ExOfficio FlyQ jacket and it's got so many pockets inside! I got it one size larger as I didn't want to look so bulked up when I put all my gadget in during travels. The only problem I faced was not being able to find which pocket I tucked my small items in! The other setback is that the jacket is thin and doesn't provide me the warmth I need in the plane.
Scottevest is the 800 pound gorilla there.
unfortunately price wise, too, I wonder how it compares to FlyQ?
Surely you have heard of the Scott eVest? https://www.scottevest.com/womens-best-travel-clothing.shtml
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Sounds great, though I actually have no idea what this implies...? Just thought, with ExOfficio already working with Massdrop, if more people would also show an interest a drop could be asked for? Sorry, I'm relatively new to all this and unsure how it all works. I'm living in NZ with a weak dollar and less choice being such a small country, so Massdrop is quite exciting.
I hear you. If it's any consolation to you, I live in the US and don't have any better idea how MD works--often I'm not convinced they do either. I would offer that it occasionally it seems MD's relationship is with an intermediary source, rather than the primary manufacturer--meaning someone at the retail level with a limited selection of units to move. Other times there does appear to be a direct relationship. Consider starting a Poll, there are those who claim that works. I hear it's beautiful in NZ so what you lack in close-by shopping you must make up for in spectacular scenery? Good luck!!