Feb 20, 2019

Was wondering if we can have a keyboard for left handed people? with the numpad being on the left side?

Everytime I fall in love with a keyboard from Massdrop, I have this thought of I wish they made also a separate numpad with it, to place it in the left side for (tkl keyboard OR small keyboard). Else, I imagined how great it would be to have a full keyboard, the likes of Vortex VIBE Mechanical Keyboard with the numpad being in the left side.
Salsa Man and bfitz

I know that this is a relatively old topic, but just wanted to update you that there is a south paw 40% with number pad at the moment being offered by TKC (The Candy Bar). Just thought you'd want to check it out.
Do you actually use a number pad with your left hand though? I’m left-handed, but since every keyboard I use has the numpad on the right hand side, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with one on the left anyway. Mice are more of an issue for me! I’m comfortable using either hand, but it irritates me how few truly “ambidextrous” mice designs there are available.
As a matter of fact, I do use a numpad on my left hand. Being left-handed and imitating what is available (positioning of the numpad and mouse ) can push the boundaries into getting used to certain ergonomies, as using the mouse with the right hand.

I use a cospad with a DSA set so that I can use it separately as a left-hand numpad. For some reason despite being right handed I have a lot more dexterity with my left. I suggest using a cospad as well, and use DSA caps and give it an extra layer for a gamepad too.