Feb 22, 201975 views

Newbie HD6xx w/ LCX+SDAC vs Schiit Stack?

New to this... But, heard the HD6xx's before and they sounded nice, and super comfortable. Into music / gaming , some videos... etc... Is the LCX+SDAC a good pairing? Or am I better off with something else? Cheers -

I’ll echo what Keth said. That setup will be wicked for gaming and also solid for music. The HD6XX is more of a music headphone, though. If you want something for geared more towards games check out the Sennheiser HD58X or HD598. The K7XX would also be great for gaming.
The 6XX is not a great competitive or immersive gaming headphone, so just keep that in mind. The highs are too smooth for competitive FPS play, and it lacks any form of sound stage to pull you into an open world game. That being said, the SDAC + JDS Atom is your best bet for a gaming stack (no matter what headphones you get*) on the value side of things. *Unless you plan to go for crazy inefficient headphones it'll be all you need for a good while.