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How many MUSICIANS out there?

I'd like to propose creating a "Musical Instruments" community but I need your support! Like and share this post if like me you want a nice Fender bass guitar or Drumheads or Cymbal packs or other cool musical stuff from Massdrop! Let's get this party started! :D

Like and share the post!!

Michael Ruiz, NMAN124, and 544 others

I’m a producer and keyboardist...I WANT IN!!!!
im IN!!
I like the idea for synth/midi gear, stomp boxes, and amps. I won’t buy a guitar that I haven’t had in my hands, played, and fell in love with.
Bring it! MIDI controllers
Me! I'm a vocalist, percussionist and audio engineer. Bring it on!
Absolutely! Instruments, amps, effects, PA... bring it on!
OOOOooooOOohhhhHHHhhHH this would be awesome. Some nice guitars and bass action would be TIGHT!
Cymbals for sure, also Apogee Quartet!
Guitars, vintage amps ( tube),stomp boxes,any & all things guitar/ music related...coun mein.
Wind instruments would be so cool, brass or woodwind
Musician, sound engineer, and recording engineer and would love to hear from other musicians and share thoughts on equipment I've owned or used. Great idea!!!
Hobbyist musician (guitar/bass guitar), very interested in learning about recording/sound engineering.
Guitarist by hobby and bassist in a band, and this addition would be awesome. I’m still relatively new so having Drop to explore and expand would be a dream.
Sounds like a fantastic idea. I would add pro audio equipment, mixers/DJ equipment, electronic drums, and acoustic cymbal packs and accessories.
Absolutely! I would include pro audio as well!
Would absolutely like to see drop/x snare drums, cymbals, and guitar pedals.
Drum related stuff as I see mentioned a lot would be great, would also love to potentially see some edrum stuff as well. Maybe massdrop and Roland teaming up like Sennheiser and what not to make "massdrop" Roland drums for cheaper :p
I completely agree with this Roland-Massdrop TD-11XX!
Yassss TD-17KVX pls 😆
Drum heads, cymbals, stands and other hardware.
Synths, pedals, strings and other gadgets (for me for uke), instrument care
How about a bass trombone? Bucket mute? See, that's the problem with the term "musician."
Pedals, guitars, bass, drum hardware, synths.
Cymbal drop sounds cool !
Synthesizers and bass
As a drummer, I'm in.
Drum gear would be nice. Especially drum heads, sticks, snares, etc.
Sell guitars and I'm in
Bass. More bass. A lot of bass
I agree with this statement.
Drum gear!
Bass guitars, parts, speakers, cabs, hardware - I’m in!!