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If i buy f.e. the Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones and let them ship to Germany, do i have to handel extra taxes and if yes, how to go about it?

Titel, nothing more to add. Ask if you need to know something to help me. thx

Thx for your answer i will act accordingly. (:
Either the DHL-courier will ask you to pay the amount before giving the package to you or the package will be routed to your local Zollamt. Then you have to show up there with the invoice and pay Einfuhrumsatzsteuer there. Its mostly random which alternative its gonna be.
Yes, afaik you have to pay 19% VAT and a 2% custom tariff on the combined cost of the headphones + shipping. Furthermore the carrier will charge you a fee for handling customs in advance. This is called "Vorlagenprovision" or "Kapitalbereitstellungsgebühr". This is 6 EUR for DHL (which will process all USPS parcels), 11.50 EUR for UPS. It can be circumvented when shipping is handled by DHL Express. https://windowsunited.de/dhl-kapitalbereitstellungsprovision-sparen/ Imho you are better off buying a used pair off ebay.