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Welcome to the Writing Community

Welcome new Writing Community members, and existing ones too! We’re thrilled to have you as a part of our community.
We have a bunch of friendly community members here who are happy to welcome you and help answer your questions, and this post is a great place to: • Reply below to introduce yourself and share a picture or link to your favorite pen(s) and/or paper(s) • Ask any “Writing 101” questions • Ask any questions you have about picking between pens, nibs, inks, pencils, etc... • Ask any questions you have about Massdrop • Ask about anything else :)
We are excited to have you as a part of the community and look forward to some great discussions. Welcome aboard!
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For those of you who may be SUPER new, here is a little more information about Massdrop:
Massdrop is a community commerce site that hosts communities across a bunch of different enthusiast groups. Here in our Writing Community you can talk to other writing and fountain pen enthusiasts, ask questions or discuss new pens and inks, or buy awesome writing related products.
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Fountain Pens 101 -
Now I need a good eraser. Any suggestions?
Staedtler Mars Plastic
Hello, my name is Ray and I have a pen problem...



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Don't forget paper!
Got a bunch of that damn stuff too; can't have one without the other right?
Hi my name is Peter, and i have recently gotten back into the habit of writing. My biggest issue is because I need legibility in writing invoices i write in all caps. Unfortunately this also affected my cursive. As i am relearning the craft I am very unsure if my letters are correct, I was wondering if anyone had guides they used for how the lettering should look.
Many free resources on the internet for that. Poke around and you'll find references you can print. Hate to say it, but the solution is practice, practice, practice. You can do it!
My suggestion for a Drop would be one of the Cross Tech II Pen /Stylus combo for use with cell phones. I have just bought one last month for use with my cell phone, while also having it for a regular day to day pen and it's come in handy greatly,.... ;)
good blend of old and new technology. ;)
I would say you should try a stub nib. Kaweco has a good calligraphy set as does lamy.
I hear from a friend who recently has started doing her calligraphy with fountain pens rather than with straight pens. She's bought several different brands and she really likes the brand JinHao off Amazon because they are super affordable ($5-7 on average) and look fancy but write decent. I tried out several of hers as it's become a fountain pen obsession for her (which i totally understand bc i have it to) and I didn't feel any difference in the ink flow or feel when i compared it to her $150 fountain pen. My personal obsession is the Visconti brand (Italian hand made pens) they are beautiful. However if you are strictly looking for writing and the pen's exterior fashion is not important, lamy has a strong reputation.
Hey! I'm Sarah. I do some calligraphy (with straight and oblique pens like the one below) and I'm interested in a good beginner's fountain pen. Any recommendations?
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I ordered a Wing Sung 698 the other day from Amazon for about $21. It's a great pen - I put up a short post about it....follow this link:
Real pens suck ink! Cartridges are to fountain pens as a Filet 'o Fish Sandwich is to Seafood!