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Anyone Else Interested in a Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress Drop? Solo/Co-Op Games Workshop Boxed Game

I'm primarily interested in this for solo play and it looks to have plenty of replayability and a lengthy campaign with legacy elements. It's reportedly lighter than Gloomhaven for solo play, which is appealing to me.
Tyler Buchenot, Kaedron17, and 88 others

Can you give me details about the single player campaign
Yup definitely~
I'm in, if we can get a decent price on it.
Definitely. Hope we get more than 32 people voting. :D
Voted for both options :D Wouldn't mind seeing KillTeam Citadel Rouge Trader
Have you read any reviews about Solo play? That sounds like it could be a good reason to get a copy.
I could be, depending on the price of course
Me me me...
Glad to see some interest but it doesn't look like I can make a poll just for this item. 🤔 Probably have to throw in another option.
For everyone interested, I did make a poll. Not sure I did it right. https://www.massdrop.com/vote/-Best-Of-Warhammer-Quest-Boxed-Games-In-Print
yep...definitely interested