Hifiman 4xx headphones

After 3 weeks of listening these planar headphones! Sound quality: These cans give you an excellent response across the range. The bass is precise (sub-bass, mid-bass (less pronounced) and high-bass are fast, precise, powerful and warm; the middles are neutral but if you amplified them are very good (the snare drum are great); The highs are fastand crystalline and with an amplifier, specially, the sound of the guitars, voices and the drums (cimbal, hi hats and crash cymbal) shine on its full potential. Imaging: Very interesting, very enjoyable, they give you a very good separation and they give you a WOW factor impressiveness fun to listen. Soundstage: Tasty, not too open or closed, this cans are balanced, between narrow and wide soundstage. Comfort: Very comfortable to wear, not very heavy for a planar headphones and with a very good pads. Accessories: The cable isn't great but the cable is efficient although it isn't balanced or long. These headphones are easy to drive, that's ok, but I recommend you an amp to drive them. If you want a great planar headset, you will not find anything of this quality anywhere near this price point. They are so good I really like my Hifiman 4xx headphones.
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