Mar 3, 2019

Are there pens that take Pilot's G-Tec-C cartridges?

I'm a big fan of these pens for my daily use, but I want something more substantive and durable. For example, sometimes I switch over to Zebra F-701s or Parker Jotters, both all metal. I'm also just curious in general; do any other pens take these cartridges?

Yes. Keep in mind that the G-Tec-C and the Hi-Tec-C are the same (just different branding). Some metal pens which take this refill are: the CW&T Pen Type-B, the BIGiDESIGN Ti Arto EDC, and the Ti2 TechLiner. Also some pens by Tactile Turn and Karas Kustoms probably do as well. It’s a popular refill so I’d imagine there are others. You should also take a look at JetPens' guide for some more pointers:
Cool, thanks! Does anybody have experience with the CW&T Type-A or B? They look pretty nice but I'm curious how good a grip one can get without any knurling or such.