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HD 6XX Amp/Dac help, please!

I know, this question's been beaten to death in the audiophile community. I apologize, but I didnt want to intrude on the other's questions with my own.
I looked around some discussions and all of them have talked about the Dragonfly (Red or Black, I dont remember which one specifically) and the O2 amp with ODAC. Also some slight mentions of the magni/modi stack. However, I've never seen the two of them specifically in the same circles. I only saw people talking about O2 in one conversation, and the Dragonfly in another.
I'm by no means an audiophile (at least not yet). I bought the HD 6XX because I've only heard great things about it and that it's one of- if not the- best deals in the audiophile community. So, my question is, which of these 3 budget options would be best to power the HD 6XX?:
Dragonfly (Red or Black)
O2 amp with ODAC
Magni/Modi stack
or are all 3 of these equally decent for an Amp/Dac on a budget?

The combo I'd go with would be Dragonfly Black & O2 amp. Just because the Dragonfly Black can be updated to handle MQA encoded material.
None of these options provide the ideal power output for a HD6XX, though the O2 and Magni will be good enough for most people. HD6XX will always scale with more power.
Power wise: Magni > O2 >>>>>> Dragonfly.
However power quality is different again, I've never heard the Dragonfly but I can tell you the O2 is a better amp than Magni, watt for watt. Though only slightly. But the Magni outputs a lot more.
Personally I do prefer the O2 over the Magni at this price point.
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Improvements going to a Little Dot from the Dragonfly is definitely expected, and for awhile, you'll find an incremental improvement each time you give them more power. The DarkVoice will probably be better than the Cavalli due to its higher output impedance and tube OTL status.
Thanks, I'm trying to stay focused on my headphones, but I also have a speaker based system. My thorens turntable can use a new, better, cartridge. Massdrop makes things easier in someways, but very distracting in others. In the mean time I'm really enjoying my headphone set up and downloading/ripping my music in flac.