Mar 5, 2019

New to the site!

Hello fellow Massdroppers! I'm new so I don't really know what to do but it would be good to get some helping hands!

My advice? Before joining a drop, DO YOUR HOMEWORK...
  1. Is what you're purchasing a current model, or is it an older model still in some poor vendor's inventory that Massdrop has negotiated a discount for?
  2. Is the price decent enough to support the increased wait time? Massdrop's discounts are typically applied against the MSRP of the product when it was first introduced - not what it's currently selling for, so the potential savings may not be as large as is being quoted. Do your homework. Saving a few shekels but having to wait for 30-60 days for delivery is a decision you'll have to make every time.
  3. Check colorways on Google Images. It's very annoying (and occurs quite often) to see photos in the product galleries showing different color renderings for the same product. How true to real-life the represented colors are is at times suspect.
  4. Confirm warranties.
  5. Check the comments. Valuable information can be obtained from purchasers of the same product during previous drops.
I have purchased quite a few items from Massdrop, and with the above homework completed, have generally been pleased with the experience. If you are impatient, Massdrop probably isn't for you.
New to the site eh? What to do? Often times look elsewhere before you give um your money. Honestly. My beef is with their “free” shipping. Massdrop uses FedEx. I was notified of an order shipping on March first with an expected delivery date of March 6 th from New Jersey to Wisconsin. Today, March 5th I get an update from FedEx saying expected delivery is now Monday, March 11. This is is not the first time this has happened to me. This has occurred with three out of four orders with Massdrop. The free shipping is garbage. I would gladly pay a couple of extra dollars to receive decent shipping service. Honestly. Massdrop May have some good pricing at times, but a web search or Amazon may turn up a comparable deal on the item and not leave one hanging on an expected delivery date. This is might be my last older until/unless they upgrade their shipping options. Ten days for a package to travel from New Jersey to Wisconsin is unacceptable. Massdrop refuses to offer any shipping upgrades. This is not a business model I need to support as a consumer. My advice in a word? RUN.