Guys, I wrote this directly to Massdrop and she suggested I post it on here. See below and please advise:

Hello, I’ve gotten 3 products from you: The XDuoo XD-05, the Senn 6xx, and some Hifi Man headphones. At any rate, the XDuoo will not drive the Sennheisers, so I’m looking for something in the $500-$700 range (or lower?) that can drive even the most difficult headphones and that is also a DAC. Also, I use an i pad/phone as my source, so one that will allow for use with one is a plus even if I have to get the Apple camera kit, as long as it allows me to use my iPad. I could just get a Marantz HD DAC 1, but I like you guys and since you got a zillion DAC/Amps, I thought I’d ask for your recommendation? Again, it’s GOT to be able to easily drive headphones like the Sennheiser 6xx. The XDuoo drives my Ultrasone Sig Pros adequately, but absolutely cannot drive the Senns. Please advise and thanks👍