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I'm not buying from Massdrop again.

Mi package has finally arrived in the country and I'm expecting to receive it in the next couple of days.  However, I'd like to share thar the experience of buying from Massdrop has been extremely unpleasent. I do internacional purchaces pretty often, and I've never encountered such a bad quality service. The inability to choese an alternative courier option or express service, the lack of information and the fact that they send your stuff in a tour around the world for three weeks before you receibe them, has make me decide than I'll not be buying from Massdrop again.  Considering that other members have receibed damaged and even soaked packages, I just hope that at least my purchace arrive in good conditions.
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Contact them it happened and they have refunded me the full amount before even shopping the product to them the costumer service were very good
Same shipping experience as 'nbogod', processed and shipped across States in three days, across customs a couple more, picked up by Canada Post; been 10 days now with no tracking info.
Agreed - may work well for domestic shipping but no choice for international is ridiculous - basically you are stuck with whatever they give you. I had something send via Asendia USA shipping to Canada recently and there is no tracking at all once it leaves the US - of course the package was weeks late and a message to Massdrop support was largely unhelpful. Hard to think of another company that doesn't allow you to pay extra for a better shipping option.
I actually went to search for this exact phrase to see what is really going on with their choice of shipping service. That's how I found this thread. I'm also waiting forever for my package.
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Had exactly the same experience - JDS arrived super fast, still waiting for my Grace DAC ordered two weeks prior
What's ironic now is that some of my packages that were shipped out 1-2 weeks later, have already arrived earlier than the one which I am still waiting for. My understanding from what Massdrop is telling me, is that I have to wait a total of 6 weeks before they can do anything because of DHL. I didn't even save much on shipping costs compared to other sites. With just 10 to 20 dollars more, I would have gotten the same item within 9 days. With Massdrop, I'm now still waiting for the item for one and a half months since I paid for it.
How is this massdrop's fault and not the delivery service?
As I said in the post, Massdrop doesn't allow you to choose a different courier. In my case, they just used DHL Packet Plus International, which can take up to six weeks and offers almost no tracking events. 
Strange, my package only took 2 weeks to get to Australia. They must have different couriers for different regions.
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In that case I'm probably right. Different couriers for different regions. Anyhow I hope they get to you safely.
yeah its about 2 weeks to New Zealand, Never had any issues with packaging, shipping or time its taken.