Mar 11, 2019

Vinyl to Digital Conversion

I have lots of vinyl that I would like to convert to digital, ie: I need an AAC (Analog Audio Converter) solution. Or, an approach where I can use a high quality sound card to do the same. My goal is to sample at 320 or use a FLAC style conversion. I have high quality phono pre-amps, so I need the next step. Any ideas?

Using the Korg 10R unit you will be able to capture vinyl, for "off needle" facsimile playback,, to the quality level of your other components in the chain,, up to DSD level,, and play back at the same level,, working with your rig again. I have a Korg MR-2000S to do this with, but have yet to play with it, in the plans. The Korg 10R is a pre-packaged simpler setup.


I've a USB Phono Plus Project series buil by ART audiophile computer interface. Great interface. It preserves almost unchanged every characteristic of the LP. Absolutely recommended. The site is www