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Are you prepared?

Your everyday carry is an extension of yourself. It encourages preparedness and self-reliance, and makes your daily life more convenient. Should you find yourself in a survival situation with only the tools on your person, these essentials can help you adapt and overcome.
Of course, your EDC is more than the contents of your pockets or bag: It’s a mindset, a way of life, and the knowledge and skills you acquire along the way.
What situations are you preparing for? Do you have bug-out bag? When was the last time you refreshed it? How many days of food and water do you have? Tell us what you do to be prepared.
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I'm prepared enough to keep my family and a few neighbors (if needed) going for a month or two if conditions demand it. I also have an emergency pack (which I guess you could call a BOB) that has 3 days worth of everything I need or would want in an emergency (knives, cordage, first-aid kit, clothing, shelter materials, etc.) that is easy to grab and run for it if needed.
Not as prepared as I'd like to be, but I'm working on it. Hopefully, at least, I won't be contributing to the "I'll see the signs coming and get ready when I have to" crowd. I'd rather set some things aside now than be in the brawl at the rapidly emptying grocery store when disaster is imminent and move on to killing my neighbors to take their food, or worse: go Donner party on them when the food is gone after a week or so.
My plea to everyone who reads this and isn't prepared: #1 keep yourself fit and healthy so you're more prepared to help others instead of needing others to help you. #2 keep at least 3 days worth of food, water, soaps/detergents/etc., and an assortment of tools readily available at all times.
My camping backpack is a "bug out" of sorts. It contains most of the things I would need to survive for quite some time on my own. No stored food supply but I'm fairly handy with a pump shotgun and have been hunting gamebirds for most of my life. I'm of the mindset that warning signs would be present prior to needing such items in most circumstances. If I was in a more natural disaster prone area of the country I would probably be more focused. We get tornadoes here but being in the metro area means the chances of getting hit are significantly less likely.
I only got into semi-EDC in the past 6-12 months. I carry a small Gerber Multitool, the Karabiner multi keychain linked to it, with a mini pen, a mini flashlight, AND Torso, the combo USB cable/stand/cable tie. There's a USB drive key in the keychain, so I think I have enough "tools" around. I have a Cosmos waterproof memo pad on me for note taking, even wet, and a few other minor items.
But no, I don't have a bug-out bag. I can probably whip one up, I certainly have a bag big enough.
Never spend alot of money on EDC items. If you do, chances are it will end up in a safe, instead of a pocket.
A current project of ours is getting our apartment earthquake ready. We are slowly getting water and canned food set aside to last a couple days. Any recommendations for additional supplies would be welcome!