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Ribz Front Pack

Perhaps this is not ultralight, but I was wondering if anyone uses this and what your thoughts are on it. I saw some video reviews and it looks like it might be a worthwhile piece of gear. Some reviewers were saying it was useful for making items that are used on-trail more accessible and for making the weight being carried more evenly distributed. The reviews seem to indicate that there are different sizes and colors, but the RibzWear site only seems to have one size/color. I haven't received a reply to a message/inquiry I sent a few days ago. Is anyone interested in a drop on these?


Advantages: More accessible items on trail. Camera gear comes to mind. Counter-balanced load. Disadvantages: Heat generator. Bulky. Kind of defeats the purpose of ultralight packing.
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I don’t know if you are aware of Shug Emery. He has done a lot of videos on hammock camping. Check him out. I recall seeing one of his recent trips, where he used one of these front loaders. His latest videos do not include them, though.
Thanks again. I have watched a lot of Shug's videos; I'll have to take a look to see if I can find it. I will work the pack out this season and probably put up my own review at some point. I appreciate all the ideas.
It looks really hot. What would be the need for easy access to so much stuff? It even looks like there is a complete second harness, which is digging into the model's neck. Is that comfortable?
This past Saturday, I tried it out on a 7 mile day hike. It was a sunny day, temps in the mid-60s with a steady 10 mph breeze. I didn't load it to capacity, but put some small camera accessories, extra batteries, my headlamp, snacks, a water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen and a monocular in it. I found that it worked well, making some things more accessible than they had been on past hikes. I wouldn't put a water bottle in it when backpacking, since there are readily available spots on my pack for that. I would probably put the pepper spray in there instead. Maybe the ridge line for my tarp to facilitate a quick setup when I get to camp? I have to look at my gear and really figure out what makes sense. It was comfortable and I wasn't even aware of the straps. I tried it on with my backpack and it was the same. I don't know yet, but for me, being 65 and not in top shape, there may be some benefit to redistributing some weight from my pack into it. I should know more in a couple of weeks when I make the first backpacking trip of the season.
Thanks for your comments. I am thinking for early spring/late fall when I tend to carry a bit more gear/clothing.
I second Dale, they can be warm to wear. I've used them on a bunch of hikes but have started to leave them at home for that reason. I still like to use them for fishing, or if I need constant access to items while on the move.
Handy but hot.