Mar 13, 201987 views

M1060. Vs hd6xx

Which one is more fun to listen to ?

M1060 for soundstage & bass. HD6XX for vocals and easy listening.
HD6XX is more fun to me, though the HD58X is even better than the HD6XX with a more punchy, lively sound. Even modded and on a warm, full sounding amp, the M1060 is too flat/sterile sounding for me - most planars are this way. If you want a fun planar, Argon Mk3 hands down is better than the M1060, and less expensive. They both along with the HD6XX require a 'beefy' amp to sound their best, so no matter what you'd need to get a suitable amp if you don't have one...
Thanks. You made me save. Money 😂😂 i was so confused this helps
m1060 if you listen to anything other than relaxing, easy going music. Soundstage is much much much better.