Technical All-Around Hoodie
TL;DR What technical, warm hoodies does everyone use and like? Anyone up for a Arc'terix or similar brand drop? Long version I live in New York and I spend a lot of time outside in any weather - walking to work, commuting on motorcycle and bicycle, spending time in a park with my kids in most weather conditions. In addition, we go upstate to Catskills couple of times a season for ski and hiking trips, and one or two yearly trips to more serious, multi-day hiking. I picked up a "sherpa" style hoodie from Costco (made by Buffalo brand and available on Amazon) a little while ago. Initially, I only intended to use it under a shell motorcycle jacket during cold and winder days for my commute. But as it ended up being really warm and versatile as a layering piece and a stand-alone jacket, I ended up basically living in it through spring, fall and winter for the last 2 years. I just wear it over a t-shirt - if it's in 50's, it's unzipped; in mid-low 40's - zipped up; and anything lower than that I just put a 650 - fill down jacket over it, and grab some gloves, hat and a scarf - this seems to cover about 80% of weather in NY. Rain is a bit trickier - it's too hot for rainy weather w/ a waterproof shell over it so if it's raining, I usually use another jacket. Not looking for it to be wind-proof or water proof. I recently realized that it has replaced 3 of my jackets - this fall and winder, I didn't even take them out of the closet. The hoodie is starting to show some wear and tear and I need a new one. Obviously, I am not looking to get the same one from Costco because 1) don't see it 2) it's cheap but not looking like it'll last 3) it's not really great for active wear as it doesn't breathe well. That being said, idea of a super versatile, technical hoodie sent me Googling. So I was searching for a technical hoodie that would be really warm, but was more breathable and durable. After some research, I came up with this: It is perfect but the price bites! I do remember seeing this Massdrop hoodie here: I though it would be pretty close but not as warm and I have to admit I have a hard time buying products that come from animals these days. Animal cruelty and vast resources that are going into raising them are some of the considerations. I am not looking to argue this point, just stating my opinion - I feel much better about synthetic fibers. I personally would love to see a MassDrop product that rivals Proton using similar, synthetic fibers but that's besides the point of this post. So the question is, what does everyone here use for all-around type of a hoodie and how are you using it? Would anyone be interested in a drop for Proton or one of the similarly featured hoodies?

Mar 15, 2019
Patagonia R1 hoody
Mar 15, 2019