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Sweetvinyl Sugar Cube Hi guys Im into records and the price on line of good stuff has been sky rocketing so much so that it’s difficult to buy 1st releases of popular titles in mint or near mint condition, so I’ve had to start looking at VG+ on down with all the clicks pops and crackle that comes with these gradings. Back in the 1980’s some tech guys were looking at gadgets to remove unwanted noises from vinyl but it seemed they never could get it right and the music suffered but now this company Sweetvinyl, using the latest tech seems to have kicked a goal. They have these Sugar Cube models; SC 1 which removes the noise using Analogue to Digital conversion then Digital to Analogue conversion or DAC so the music comes out unaltered but those annoying noises are gone and SC2 which does the same but also allows recording and has a screen showing info on the album. If your on any kind of a budget like me it means you can get those hard to pay for titles at affordable prices so it would pay for itself! They are expensive now at $1000 for the base model and $1500 for the SC2 but I can see how the purchase makes sense with the savings on records. Now the news for us is Sweetvinyl emailed me yesterday that they are working on new releases which will be 25% less. So if anyone else is interested perhaps you could start a poll to organise a drop for the next product run? I don’t think I can as I’m too new here. Ive followed the advice on the help page but I don’t get an option to start a poll on that screen. I’ll certainly do it if you can help😅 Love Peace & Music EddieT Ps there are lots of positive reviews for the Sugar Cube like this one from Analogue Planet: so please read a few before deciding.
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Guys. SweetVinyl has done it. The new SC1 called the mini has had the retail price dropped to $1500 and the next model up @ $2k rrp wil also have an MM/MC phononstage with adjustable impedance. This has to be the time to get them on a Mass Drop right? I’m begging 🙏 someone with more cred here to kick this off. The mini on its own will be a massive benefit for those of us who can’t buy Mint or Near Mint collectable vinyl. Have you seen the prices? A vinyl of Smashing Pumpkins Infinite Sadness went for over $2k Mint. That’s more than the full retail of the Upgrade Sugar Cube!!!! 🤙🏼❤️🌈 Just seen at Axpona 2019 on Analogue Planet. Looks way cool in black😊 So new it’s not even on their site. Here’s the Axpona link: And no Electronic Vices I don’t work for them ( In fact I’m just an unemployed record freak) but i wish I did just for the employee discount! RJ, you up for the job brother? Just sold off my vintage surfboard collection so I’m ready to jump right in to the drop if it happens come to think of it it’s the only drop I’ll be taking without a board😅
Thanks RJ for the extra info and support for a drop, I sure hope someone can get onto this before the less expensive updates are released. 👍
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Hey I think it would be a great drop. All I am saying that having been an active MD participant and buyer, I have not seen many 4 figure items and they likely won’t sell a lot. But if MD partners with SweetVinyl, I think it would be great. I love my SC-2 and I haven’t fully explored the recording potential of it yet. With this unit and my record cleaning system, I can go to used record sales and pick up some records that are pretty cheap and the SC-2 makes them sound great.
I agree man. I was only saying I ballsed up the costs. Well they did haha who knows. Guess it all depends on what the manufacturing costs are. Thing is how do we get it to first base? 👍
I have an SC-2 and actually SweetVinyl has made me part of the beta testing team! Anyway, I am very happy with the SC-2. The pop and click removal is able to be selected with a knob on the front. The settings are identified numerically. 5 is the default setting and the Repair mode is very complete at that setting. I typically use 5 or 6. I have noticed no difference in sound quality with the SC-2 in my still early and limited experience with it. However, having this unit has enabled me to purchase VG and lower used records without problems. I have not yet tried to record any music via the USB port on the front of the SC-2. As for the metadata screen on the front, it is good. But it still needs some work. Ocassionally, a record is not recognized or is misrecogonized. But that is only very occasionally. When the system does recognize your album it gives lots of info about your album’s release and also rereleases and such. Very informative. There is also a SugarCube iOS app which is handy as it gives track listings for the album and shows you what track is being played. That part needs a little work as when the next track is being played the app doesn’t always adjust and you have to close and reopen the app to get to the correct track. Software upgrades have been pushed to my unit a couple or few times since I have had it. So SweetVinyl is working on further improving the SC-2 which I am happy about. Some folks may have a problem with the philosophy of taking analog vinyl and digitally processing it. I don’t and I don’t see it that way. I use it as a tool and I don’t use it all the time. A lot of times I will clean a user record and test it out via balanced outs from my Phono Preamp completely bypassing the SC-2. Other times I use the SC-2. As for my suggestions, I would like to see a model with balanced XLR inputs and outputs and continued efforts to strengthen metadata and iOS app performance. Overall, the SC-2 is a game changing device for vinyl lovers and I am very glad to have it in my system. I highly recommend it. This would make an excellent drop it MD can partner with SweetVinyl.