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Microsoft Trackball Explorer XX made by Massdrop

I can't use a mouse due to significant RSI injuries. I use a 15 year old Microsoft Trackball Explorer and whilst I am fortunate enough to have a couple of spares, no one has ever come close to making a trackball that is as comfortable to use. Trust me, I've tried them all. They have a cult following and new ones sell for $600 on Amazon. Microsoft has shown no interest in returning to the marketplace but I wonder if your biz dev people could convince them to let you make a Massdrop made version. Judging by the prices of these Fabergé eggs of the pointing device world I imagine there is a significant market for these and I would be first in line to buy one, two or ten.


Ceadderman, gorian2222, and 1 other

Sorry to hear about your hands man. Good news, Logitech currently makes a mouse identical to this with the rollerball. I ran across it on yesterday. Logitech is a top of the line Company so that should work for you. I'll try to find you the link for it. Actually here is one at best for $26 or $6 with promo code "MARSAVE19". Logitech makes like 8 different models like this so surely one of them would work out.

Kiefofpolice Theres another nicer model but yeah you can always buy them all from their website and return the ones that don't feel right for you.