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"Audiophile" should mean more than headphones/earbuds.

Right now there are 48 open drops for headphones/earbuds, and a few more for heaphone amps/DACs.

I'd like to see more opportunities for audiophile-quality speakers, HD media streamers, turntables, TT cartridges, TT accessories (anti-static, cleaners, stabilizers, bases), high end RCA/balanced/power cords, 2-channel home amps and components.
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Amen! Need some good interconnect drops!
Smaller things yes, but I can see why maassdrop may not want to get involved in the packaging/damage nightmare that can result from shipping heavy stuff like speakers and full-size amps around the country and beyond.
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I hope not literally dropping ?!
Based on what I've seen LG is arranging the delivery on those, if MD were to get a factory direct partner you may see it happen. The issue with a lot of established audio brands is they have extensive distribution networks/agreements. If they sell outside of those channels it could be a violation of contract or at least frowned upon, especially if they sell in high end dealers. The userbase on this site runs a shade younger than your traditional audiophile forums and a room full of speakers isn't high on a lot of the users priority lists. I am starting to see more and more requests like this. You will see some TT cartridges along with Sierra Acoustics speakers, Chane speakers and a few other devices that meet your description but they aren't near as frequent as headphone related items. Headphone stuff brought me hear years ago, I buy my HiFi gear elsewhere and have been doing so for a couple of decades.
You are right about that!! I agree 100%