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Best lower cost Audiophile headphones.

I wanted to get into the Audiophile scene, but I'm in Highschool. Give suggestions. Preferably under 100 USD.

Here's my top three, depending on your taste. If possible, demo in a fairly quiet environment. AKG K240 studios, around $60-70 usd. "Semi-open," so you will hear background noise. Detailed and another studio standard. MDR 7506's are good but make sure you demo them. They're detailed but some like the sound signature and some don't like it as much. I second the monoprice 8323. I've had both, but the AKG's are newer to me. I've had no durability problems with the 8323's other than the padding, which is a couple bucks to fix (more for real leather or other materials). The 8323's are a great budget portable audiophile headphone. Cheers!
The Sony MDR-7506 gets a lot of mentions every time this question comes up, at least from sources I read/trust. I don't own a pair. I have purchased A LOT of different sets between $60 and $130 (HiFiMan Edition S, Sennheiser PX-200II, B&W P3 Series II), and I think the Monoprice 8323 cans, which can be had from the website for something like $17 (plus shipping) is as-good-or-better-than almost every other (sub $130-and-no-amp-needed) set I've ever tried. TIFWIW. They won't be "cool" with your friends the way Beats By Dre will be, but if you're serious about wanting to get a taste of "audiophile sound," at $17 it's a no-brainer purchase IMO.
Get the audio technica ATH AD 900x, $100.
Definitely the Sennheiser HD 58x. Best 160$ you could ever spend. Get those and you won't need another pair for a long while. You also don't need to get a dad or an amp. Here's a more in depth review from a reputable source!
I second this