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Im trying to decide which Open back headphone to get! Im stuck between the Sennheiser HD 6XX, Beyerdynamic DT990, Or the HIFIMAN HE4XX!! I Love clean High's but also want something that a little flatter for music production!

thanks guys

So if we had to choose between the HD 6xx and the DT990 which one would you get? Im not worried about making it portable. I need these strictly for in studio use.
I have two of these three. Find I listen to the 6XX the most. HE4XX just don't have the bass I want but are very detailed and clean. (have the 770 Beyerdynamic also- good but get the 6XX))
DT990 period
I'd get a 58x instead of the 6xx. 58x don't need an amp and a day to be powered and sound great out of the box. I have the 6xx and the 58x but I use the 58x way more.
get a hd6xx or modded hd58x + a topping dx3 . You'll want solid state for minimum coloration for music production
Go for the HD6XX they sound amazing for a god price. Only thing I would get is Amp and switch out the tubes for some RCA 6SN7 GTB, there like 10 bucks on ebay.