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FiiO and THX announce the AM3D, a new THX AAA powered headphone amplifier for the X7 portable player.


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it is avaialable on Amazon japan for pre order.
Mqa, tidal capable?
Look at FiiO X7 for that info, this is an amp module for that device... nothing more nothing less.
THX. "Always doing something weird... but rarely doing anything right" could be their company motto. I'm sure it sounds fine and wish them well- just would prefer something more generally useful for an AAA product. A generalized headphone amp perhaps?
Aren't there 2 of those ? There's the THX789, which is sells like hotcakes, last drop barely lasted 2 hours. And there's also a Monoprice amp/dac with THX 788 modules.
And the first use of the AAA technology, the Benchmark AHB2 but that's a speaker amp. Benchmarks HPA4 which uses the upmarket 888 topology and drives headphones.
When will they be for sale? And where will I be able to purchase one? Massdrop? Amazon?
What is the power output at 300ohms? Do you think it will be able to drive hd800 by 4.4mm?
72mW. Shouldn't be an issue!
Can this be use for mobile phone as protable amp/dac ?
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As u/ElectronicVices said, it is a module for either the fiio X7II or Q5. It is not a standalone amp. It has to be used as either the amp section of the X7 player(fancy iPod) or Q5 portable DAC(this you can use with your phone).
Yeah, apparently watching the video or reading the title is difficult. This is a module that plug into the bottom of existing Fiio devices to improve their amplification. Always thought it was cool that the Q5 had a modular design.