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What is the best budget (in $250) amp/dac for HD6XX ?

So ... I'm a completely newbie for this .... even deciding for HD58X or HD6XX has been costing me a week to figure out which one is more suitable for me.... And I've seen mostly all the post for this already , still does not have a clue on what Dac/Amp should I go for. The Main Dac/Amp I've been focus on is O2 AMP + Grace SDAC Modi + Magni combo FiiO k3 + Magni3/O2 AMP Combo (this is the cheapest option in my country) I listen to mostly all genre of music , but mainly Jazz, hip hop,vocals, electronics and something relaxing . But I rarely go for music like Edm or something very loud. (I also like to watch movies in my PC , at lease 2-3 movies per week) I'm upgrading to these is because currently I'm using an astro a50 gaming headset that is not meant to be good at music... I need something quality so.. please help.. and sorry if this question is boring cuz theres so many question that repeats the same but I just want to ask for my own version..
han and ltopper

the JDS labs Atom amp is absolutely a beast at $100. For Dac's I have happy used the JDS OL DAC, Modi 3, but i currently use the Topping D30 If you re just starting I recommend getting separate amp/dacs so you can upgrade parts as you want rather than the whole thing. Just remember that headphones>>>>>>Amp>>>>>Dac when "upgrading" your sound.
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Fairly reasonable priced pads and cables? I enjoy some clear vocals and sound myself. Don't think i headphones like the 6xx that are more geared towards that. I would rather have an amp that just enhances a headphones features instead of changing its sound signature. Which IEMs do you have? i currently have the v80, and the kz as10s, was thinking about the tin audio t2 but i heard the treble might be a pain/
i have tin 2s, shure 215(havent touched these in a while), some bose soundsports for workouts/rain, and some cheap Bluetooth pair that was gifted to me. Your headphone choice is going to make a bigger difference in sounds than different amps tho, so be aware of that.
If you are handy you can build an awesome player using a Raspberry Pi for around that price with the PecanPi DAC.
JDS atom + Grace SDAC would work well in your budget for those cans. Both are minimal design and features, but will deliver plenty of clean power and which is what you want.
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You're thinking too much about this. My advice, go for the SDAC/OL-DAC + Atom, because the solid state amplifier is going to be the most neutral and/or transparent amplifier/combo at that price point. You can always get tubes later. I honestly don't have direct experience with the Jot, but I do know that you absolutely do NOT need the 6 watts per channel that thing puts out for the 6XX. Also, the Jot is an older unit and I believe the consensus is that the Atom is one of the cleanest Amps you can buy right now. It's very much up to you, and I'm sure some other guys who know more can chime in, but really, I think as of right now, you'd be best served by the Atom+SDAC/OL-DAC combo.
Yeah.. since I'm a beginner for these , I think I'll just stick to OL/SDac + atom .. Thank you so much for the advice !!
Take a look at the PecanPi Streamer: Review:
Im sorry if i offended you or shutdown your enterprise, i just dont like your things or what you say, and its not really under my control anyway.