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What are the best iems under $100

Im trying to find a good pair of iems under $100 and im getting too many mixed reviews. What's your guys personal opinions?

The reason why you're seeing mixed reviews is because for >$100 you're making sacrifices to build and sound quality and people's expectations are set far too high after listening to anything else of higher quality. Also people have varying definitions of """good""" sound quality. Just buy Tin T2's, BGVP's or Shure's and call it a day. They all have their shortcomings. My personal recommendation would be the BGVP DMG's.
Tin T2, Final audio e2000/e3000,
Everyone is raving about the Tin T2's and the newest Tin T3's so i'd assume those will be a safe bet. Another reccomendation i've seen are the Final Audio IEM's circulating around.