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What do you guys think of the new CRKT HomeFront Knife by Ken Onion?

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I just picked one up NIB for $55. I like it! Flips well, sharp as he//, looks great, nice ergos, really cool take-down function. For the price I paid it's a winner. AUS8 is very usable steel. Sure it's not the latest powdered metallurgy, but for general use it's easy to sharpen, takes a wicked edge, and cuts plenty of cardboard in a single go. Way too many people buy 204P, M4, 20CV, and M390 saying it's the greatest since sliced bread, but never actually use it to even know. And then bash AUS8, 440C and any of the 8cr's. And let's not even get into the heat treat discussion. CRKT gets a bad rep for blade steel choices, but they do more collaborations than any other brand at a fairly reasonable price. If the collaborators aren't happy with the steel used why aren't they asking CRKT change it? Profit that's why. Still they are putting out some really nice designs that a lot of folks would never be able to otherwise afford.
Overpriced gimmick? A problem that could be fixed? When this was being developed, did someone Leek the news?
I own one, but rarely carry it. I think that the whole concept is great, but my personal tastes go more toward assisted openers like the Kershaw Leek.
got it and love it , would never pay msrp i got it for 80 on Amazon and have about 5 knives with the same features but the home front is the nicest , just wish the steel was better and bronze phosphor built in instead of nylon washers .
They CRKT are coming with a full Ti and M390 blade. dont' know the price. Just FYI if you are into this knife.
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295 dollar piece of trash. Frame lock gets stuck and the flipper doesn't fully open it. I thought it was a lemon but apparently it is common. Can't even switch the blade into the aluminum one due to them changing the line up.
Oh really? Well, that's disappointing
I own this knife and carry it everyday as my "office boxcutter". It makes a great pocket knife and using it for basic Office Keyboard Warrior duty. I don't baton wood open with it, nor do I skin the Rhino I just slayed camping with it. It get's pocket lint on it from being in my pocket all day but I love that I can easily open it without tools, wipe it clean, and then lube it up with Blue Lube and put it back together for the next Cardboard/Tide Pod challenge. Would I use it in a survival situation? Only if I had to get home during the next alien invasion but if you're a keyboard social justice warrior like me then it slays the Office Combat Challenge.
I bought it when it first came out and overpaid for it based on current prices. It was unique at the time. I haven't really used it much. The blade steel is AUS-8 which is OK but not great. The other iterations on the design are 1.41 stainless steel. When I go into field I have plenty of fixed blades I would choose from. One funny thing about the design, the instructions on how to take it apart are underneath the handles so you have to take it apart to see them, not that it's that hard to figure out. At this point in my extensive collection, I'm not that excited over it anymore. This sucker sucked it this sucker.
The idea that a folding knife is field strippable -- that sounds good but only until you ask yourself 'why are you carrying a folder in the field'? And then you realize this is one of those knives that is designed to appeal to the people who like to imagine themselves in atavistic situations doing manly things, but haven't ever done enough of them to realize that there is a much older, simpler and better solution for those situations, called the fixed blade knife. I think many people perceive a value in the concept that they can do all these crazy things with their well made folding pocket knife and what they think that says about their identity. they all wanna be seen as the rugged individualist that handles everything life throws at them with their rugged individualist pocket knife. Other people just like to play around with stuff they own, but nine times out of ten if you're putting a pocket knife to hard dirty use you're deliberately using the wrong tool. Pocket knives exist for situations where it's not legal or proper to be hauling around a fixed blade, but outside of Office Space, if you're field dressing a fresh caught trout it's a safe bet you're not in one of those situations. Just use a fixed blade filleting knife. If you're going hunting for game, bring a fixed blade knife for gutting. Those will do much much better at the task at hand than a pocket knife and a good one will cost less than your pocket knife did, and while you might not care, you will look less of a tool if you use the right tools.
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I have the small Obake and the Dragon fixed blades. I have what is labeled a C/K folder (fairly big knife) and a recently acquired Septimo. I really do like the Septimo. It doesn't flip open without some wrist. But the tanto blade with the big cutting notch where a finger choil is very nice. This was sitting in my EDC pile for the month. I went to look for the Enforcer and couldn't locate it.
I have the C/K Folder, two of 'em actually.
I like the action a lot, even though it's not tuned, and it's a little too heavy to snap open without a little wrist action out of the box. Some knives just feel and sound nice to me when I flip 'em open, and this is one. Considering it's a hard plastic handle I can get a very good grip with it. I think I'm possibly in the minority on this one, though. No biggie, it happens fairly often. Many people ding it for inexpensive materials (8Cr14MoV and injection molded scales) and a few people have reported an issue accidentally engaging or disengaging the LAWKS safety. And if you're comparing it against $80-120 knives, yeah, this thing is what it is. But for the under $20 it can usually be had at online, I'm kind of a fan of it.
I didn´t like. I dissasembled and it was a hell to reassembly. Imagine if it was in a field situation?
It’s a great looking knife for starters and it looks of good quality!
Being an avid hunter and fisherman the design intrigues me. Being able to field strip this to clean out blood, guts and grime before it dries and corrodes the knife is a great concept. The materials used and execution of this knife leave something to be desired. I have folders I take on outings as backups but use a fix blade for most everything in the field.
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I would use a fixed blade. Easier to clean, no 'takedown' necessary, can't really lose pieces. Also, strongly dislike that star on the pivot.
Not saying there isnt a good case for this knife, just personally it seems very gimmick-y. And I can get some pretty sweet fixed blades for that price with better steel and construction and capability (and ease of cleaning)
I got 2 in trades one the same as the pictured one (battlbox edition) and another in black G-10 with no grove in the blade. It is not my favorite steel for a blade. But, for the $30.00 worth of stuff I traded for them they are fine for EDC . I don’t mind using them on tasks saving my more expensive knifes wear and tear. I do like them i think it’s a good little knife and are great users if not collectors.
Not a fan of Chinese River Knife and Tool...
Like the acronym rephrase 👌
I think it looks clunky and it seems overpriced for a feature that seems like would have limited usefulness. I can't really think of too many times that I would need to take my knife completely while away from my work table.
It would be a great knife if the price is around 50...or they change the blade to s35vn and the scale to titanium. I would pay that money for a D2 and Al if it not made by CRKT but WE or Brous blade. simply put this way, I really like that design but really feel sad that CRKT got the design.
This 100%. I like the design as well but don't care for the steel especially at that price.
Priced way too high IMO, but what do I know, I buy Emersons! Lol!
I would never pay $100 for Aus-8 steel. That is just stupid. Get a hex driver kit and three Ontario Rat-II's, it'd be a better way to spend your Benjamin.
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I have a griptilian as well and i would say that it too is only ok for the money. I think both knives are pretty equal for the value you get for the money. I have to say that the only reason i think someone should consider the homefront is because of the ability to break it down, which obviously you can not do with the griptilian.. but then you get a better steel with the griptilian... so really it's just which of those pros you prefer more.
I do like the scales on the griptilian better though as far as comfort goes, but it isn't exactly a comfortable knife either.
Or spend a little extra get that newer Griptilian with the grey/blue G10 and the 20CV steel.


Like everyone here love the concept, but I'm thinking maybe better if they design out all the crevices for dirt to collect. I get the handle striations but maybe take out the hole in the flipper tab etc. Not sure about the need to disassemble a knife. I'm more of a office mouse but the rare times I've had grit collect in the Spyderco pivot I was able to WD-40 it out. Maybe water would have eventually done the same? I know I've cleaned my muddy SAKs that way. But it seems like to me that if you were in an occupation or environment that rugged you would be using a fixed blade that would be easy to clean any way. IMHO.
Hate it, hate it, hate it. The steel is crap, the heat treat is crappier, the grind is crap, and the finish is crap. The pretend sharpening choil is nothing short of moronic. The scales are way too slick, especially when wet. The ergos are pretty good, and the disassembly mechanism is awesome, but that's it. If the knife cost $30 it wouldn't be a bad deal. But the cheapest I've seen it is $75, and it's usually going for closer to $100, and any price in that range is a rip off.
cool concept but for the price, you can get way better steel such as vg10. aus 8 is cheapo steel. its shame they used it in this knife, but thats typical CRKT.
Had one for about a month now. It's a great knife. Very reliable although occasionally I'll accidentally push the side lever down with my thumb when I am flipping it open, that happens maybe once a week. Has become my EDC of choice because I don't have to worry about getting it dirty.
Maybe call it the "Captain America" knife?
Looks like a great concept, looking forward to the next models in the line.
I want one. I like new, innovative ideas in the knife world. Would be nice to add to the collection.
I not too sure about how reliable it'll be
Looks good to me and sure they will do well with it. Just from the look of it I believe CRKT has continued to improve their overall quality over the years. They have always offered great bang for the buck in my view.
Excellent idea and it's executed well,ideal for the field or ops,
Wanted to let @Wavester and everyone else know that we're trying to get some of these but stock is hard to come by. We first got an August 1 date, but we're now looking at October 1 or later I think. Quantities are likely to be limited when we do finally have them, for those who are interested.
anything yet ?