Massdrop Made and availability

Ok, whether appropriate or not, I can still fall back on that I'm still relatively new to Massdrop. :-) I have purchased exactly one product so far, Thinksound ON2 headphones, that I kinda really like. But this thought has been nagging at me. Because of how things are done, and maybe that's just the nature of the beast, Massdrop is leaving money on the table. The THX AAA 789 amp, Meze 99 Classics, the Airist R-2R DAC, and I have a few other examples too. Those 3 are my primary examples, because while I originally was going to purchase the products here, due to long wait times and basic unavailability, I have already moved on to somewhere/something else. I now have a Burson Fun amp on the way, because I haven't been able to get the THX amp. For the Meze 99 Classics, I will still get a pair, but either brand new, or used. And I have a Soekris 1321 DAC on the way because I didn't want to wait for the Airist DAC, well, and because the controversy with Sosolar's Hibiki DAC kind of bothered me too. (I have it in my brain, that maybe the delay is due to Airist either redesigning the DAC, or, trying to make a deal with Sosolar, and just simply using his design as-is, so there are no content questions.) And the Soekris DAC is probably just simply better anyway. But I really liked the idea of using the Airist DAC with the THX amp due to the similar form factors. Anyway, the worst thing you can do in business, is to not supply product when there is a strong demand, Just curious if anyone else has thought along these lines ...

With Massdrop Made products some are considered "daily" drops and those are in stock. Almost all other collaborations are "open drop, collect money, order from manufacturer, wait to be built and shipped"
Lack of availability is definitely due to the manufacturer that Massdrop has teamed up with for the product. As you can see on my purchases, I have bought a decent bit of Massdrop made stuff. I personally have never had an issue with availability. Just recently, the HD6XX and HD58X were on pre-order because they sold out of stock. Same with the ALT and CTRL keyboard. I feel like sometimes there is a flux of purchases after a Massdrop made product gets made and the initial reviews are very positive. Causing the others to buy. In the end, patience is a virtue and I will wait for what I want.
Mar 21, 2019
Maybe I'm just having bad luck then with the Massdrop Made items I want. ;-) Heck, finally decided I wanted an SDAC and even that is on Pre-Order, but that's still better than Request! (And even for the THX AAA 789 amp, I requested it, it got dropped, I went later that same morning to get in on that batch, but bam: all gone, and back to Request again for the *next* drop. ... Maybe they should make more of them, many more!) And the Neurochrome guy quit making his ... ugh, but that one was a little more than I wanted to spend. So hence the Burson Fun, which is actually on par with the THX amp for power for single ended use ...